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Hartline Supply, Incorporated (HSI) is a full service cable repair and sales business with three service center locations. We specialize in the repair of mining and industrial cables of all sizes and voltages (generally from #6 AWG all the way up to 500MCM in size and 2KV, 5KV, 8KV, 15KV, and 25KV in voltages).


Hartline Supply opened its first shop in Jasper, Alabama in 1992.  Prior to that shop opening, we had 23 years of electrical and mining experience and five years of cable repair experience.  This combination gave us an excellent background.  We understand your mining cable needs and know what is necessary to test, troubleshoot cable problems, and make the required repairs.

Our services begin with a complete examination of your cable.  After the cable is put on our shop floor, we physically roll the cable from one end to the other to examine for external damages.  Then we hypot proof test your cable and troubleshoot for any internal damages. Once all internal and external damages have been pinpointed, we do the repair necessary to fix each type of damage.

Factory vulcanized splices, reinsulations, jacket repairs (patches), pothead terminations, molded stress cone leads, plus furnishing and installing all types of high voltage couplers are just some of the top-quality services that we offer at competitive prices.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your applications, quote your requirements and repair your cables.  Our high-quality repairs are durable and will limit expensive downtime, which results in cost savings for your company.