Hartline Supply, lnc. has been a major source for electrical power cable sales and repair for many years. Over the past three years, we have expanded into Fiber Optics as well. We felt the demand was there and we answered that by training our employees with one of the top fiber optic technical training schools in the U.S.

Our training was in depth and covered both classroom work as well as hands on training. Our employees performed well and became certified Fiber Optic Technicians. ln order to provide our customers with up-to-date quality, we strive to continually train and update our talents in the fiber optic field. Our Fiber Optic Cable Manager has worked in the field for numerous years and has trained with the Light Brigade; whom is well known for their excellent training programs.

Operations of our Fiber Optic Shop began in 2013 at our Lakeland, FL location and demand for Fiber Optic repair drove us to relocate this shop to our Grand Junction, Colorado location. We built and completed a new lab and shop adjacent to our existing electrical power cable shop in Colorado. This lab was completed in December of 2014 and is set up with the most modern and up to date equipment.

Since opening our fiber optic doors in 2013, we have worked on cable assemblies for the mining industry. This work includes: AFL & OCC fiber cables ranging from 2 fiber single mode to composite cables and 12 fiber assemblies, as well as multi-mode cables. Our employees work with Harting connectors, TFOCA ll and TFOCA lll connectors in 4 fiber, 6 fiber and 12 fiber. We also work with OCC connectors, Delphi and Pierside connectors. The termini we work with are UPC, APC, PC, Premise and Slanted MIL spec type termini.  The ceramic ferrule face may be flat, beveled or angled and each requires different and special polishing fixtures and techniques.

Our vision is to expand our fiber optic repair work into many areas, such as: gas and oil, marine and aircraft, as well as the composite cranecables at the ports. Please contact us with your fiber optic needs.