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Corporate Business Office and Shop Location –
Lakeland, Florida

Contact:  Curt Hartline, CEO

Contact:  Brian Hartline, President

Contact:  Brenda Hartline, Secretary/Treasure

Contact: Cathey Lane, Vice-President

Phone: (863) 425-6000
Fax: (863) 425-6020

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Jasper, Alabama Shop Location

Contact: Eddie Snow, Shop Manager

Phone: (205) 387-1200
Fax: (205) 387-1343

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Grand Junction, Colorado Shop Location

Contact:  Bruce Burch, Shop Manager

Phone: (970) 263-7493
Fax: (970) 263-4061

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Hartline Fiber Optic Shop

Contact:  James Schafer, Fiber Optic Shop Manager/Technician
Hartline Fiber Optic Shop Email:  gjfibershop@gmail.com

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